my goodness.

For one ain't over. Both teams are in a do-or-die situation and we have the one guy we'd most want on the hill today. We are at home and have a strong bullpen that is rested and ready.

Regarding Dusty: Like all managers, he has made some moves that look brilliant and others that haven't. He was praised for LeCure then Latos but what that line drive off LeCure with the bases loaded finds a hole? Then not so brilliant. Bottom line is that luck and execution play a huge role.

With regard to the specific criticism about taking Bailey out. I say "huh?" That was absolutely the right move and something I predicted when we made our last out the previous inning. (I also predicted that Vogelsong would be lifted in the fifth for a pinch hitter). Bailey had maybe one more inning left and it didn't make sense to have him hit when we obviously needed to score to win the game and had our three best relievers ready to go.

My bottom line - let's not pin blame until there actually is an epic collapse. And even then, let's consider that any blame can be shared among a good many people who came up short in any number of big moments that could have ended this series in our favor.