1) Take the fight to the Giants - The Reds need to regain some focus and avoid having the pressure of disappointing the home fans. Best way is to get out to an early lead, and keep adding on! (so easy!)

2) Latos going 5 innings or more with 2 runs or less - The Reds simply cannot be counted on to score 5 runs in this environment. I think the hoss will be looking for scalps tomorrow.

3) Votto needs to choke down - enough choking up! wth?

4) The attitude of the team needs to pick up. I think there was visible let down after Tuesday and they let it carry into game 4. Not again. It's time to hit the reset button.

5) Fans need to 'hang with'm' during any early rough patches. The Cincinnati sports fan psyche is a very delicate thing and needs to stay loose and positive!

6) Leadership - Rolen & Votto need to clean it up in the field and finish some rallies at the plate.

I don't know what else. Trying to change the focus from eating our guts out about life as a poor Cincinnati sports fan. Not going to work. It's totally corrosive. If you're going to the game tomorrow, have courage, cheer your heart out, and bring us home some winnin'! WE CAN DO THIS! JUST SAY NO TO SAN FRANCISCO!