The same Reds team that kicked SF all the way to the 'Bridge' scared me today when I saw the look on their faces...They changed every single thing about their demeanor...The team that said "they would win the World Series" a few days looked like 'a little kid' when they try to hide under the covers.. I thought who will step up?? Brandon for sure but truthfully I don't think he has forgiven himself for trying to steal 3rd...I heard him the other day say "I love to be famous & this is my time..but famous in a good way"...OK who's next Joey?? I'm sorry but Joey is hurt but I heard on MLB...It doesn't matter if he's hurt.. this is where the great ones become great leaders....Will he lead?? He won't or probably can't step off 1st base so I just don't think it's him...Jay Bruce?? Maybe?? Stubbs?? I have to admit going by the look on his & Luddy's faces they look fully committed!! I heard Scott say the other day that 'he didn't mean to be 'Rah Rah' but now is the time!! Now I will tell you why we will win tomorrow.....Matt 'Kick Butt' Latos!! Look at his face & you'll see a determined almost mean look!! He will not allow this team to lose & he will put every inch of talent in every pitch & these boys will follow with the same look!!