Feeling a bit uncertain about tomorrow? Too focused on reasons why things might go south? Need a persuasive, evidence-based case to get you into the positive mindset you must have? This thread is for you.

After collecting contributions from all corners of RedsZone for this list of reasons why tomorrow (Thurs) will be our day in Game 5 vs the Giants, I realized it had to be its own thread. As best I can tell, this is the most comprehensive list of its kind on redszone.com! With a few thanks to Old Red Guard posters as noted:

- We're at home
- Latos is as tough as they come for us. And, he hates the Giants and tends to mow them down nicely
- Our BP, while maybe not as rested (debateable), is still the class of the NL with maybe just the exception of Dondedondo.
- We have the bats
- Cain has lost a bunch of times for reasons that haven't changed; doesn't matter that it'd be the 4th time.
- Dusty has the biggest motivation of all time to make the right calls to close out
- Can't have both my postseason predictions proved wrong on the same day; that'd be crazy talk
- Timmy won't be on the mound again for SF
- Got our butts handed to us in 2010 and too many on this roster won't let it happen again. Motivation matters.
- goreds2 (and no doubt lots of other RZers) will be at the game wiling us to victory. Laugh if you will but the 10th man also matters.
- Han the Man back behind the plate after being taken out in Game 4.
- Jay Bruce playing like Jay Bruce this postseason. Can you spell K-E-Y?
- Game 5 on 10/11/12. If that's not prophetic in the best of ways, I don't know what is!
- The Giants are 1-5 all-time in winner-take-all postseason games. (Ghosts of 1990/ORG)
- The Reds MUST be the ones to take it to the Yankees a la 1976!(mdccclxix/ORG w/ minor 1040757690 edits)
- Take emotion out of it. Vegas knows! http://www.vegasinsider.com/mlb/odds/las-vegas/ (thx again to Ghosts/ORG)
- It's Just One Game!! (RedEye/ORG and many other ORG and Sundeckers)
- The Reds have won 3 Worlds Championships, and played in 6 World Series in my short lifetime. (Always Red/ORG)
- "I love this team." (VR/ORG and presumably all who inhabit RZ)
- "I have a good feeling about tomorrow." (quote from Sonny, echoed by Kc61 and 757690 (all ORG), RedRolen and many, many others on all decks and old guards)
- "the Reds need to win five out of the next eight games to get to the World Series? That's as close to their season winning percentage as you can possibly be over eight games." (camisadelgolf/ORG)
- with what the Oakland A's pulled off tonight (WOW!!!) in their game 4, clearly our challenge can be overcome!