1. A high-OBP bat for the top of the lineup. I like Cozart, but he's a #7 type hitter that's miscast at the top of the batting order. Ideally, I'd also like this bat to be a high-BA bat. I know BA is an overrated statistic, but the Reds need more people who put the ball in play.

2. Depth for the starting rotation. This year was a fluke when it comes to health -- you can't count on your starting 5 to make every start for a season. If something had happened this year, the Reds had nobody waiting that was even below average.

Ideally, you'd want to acquire a quality arm and push Mike Leake to the minors or out the door.

3. Replacement CF. Could also go along with item #1. I think the team needs to move on from Drew Stubbs.

4. Solution in LF. I highly doubt Ryan Ludwick passes the opportunity to test the market for a multi-year deal, so I think it's a safe bet he'll decline his option. I'm not opposed to bringing him back if the dollars make sense, but if not Ludwick, the Reds need someone in LF who can provide some pop.