Why is everyone so quick to dismiss Mike Leake? I don't get it. Yeah, he didn't have a great year...but has everyone forgotten his age and experience? Yeah, he tossed some stinkers this year...what do you expect from a young pitcher? People seem to forget that he also threw some real gems too. This is a middle of the rotation-to-back of the rotation pitcher. They aren't all going to be aces. He's a great change of pace to the rest of the staff (especially after Bronson leaves). And he's got loads of room for improvement. Add in his athleticism and his bat and I hang onto the kid. Without a doubt.

We have no real clue what Cingrani, Corcino or even Chapman will do in the rotation. I don't see a better option than Leake right now IMO, and I think he'll only get better with more experience.