Back to reality. We're talking about replacing Stubbs. If we have to trade his 14 HR power to get some one who gets on base, has better contact and hits for a better average, I think its the right trade to make. I don't care if he only hits 2 or 3 HR. No one is suggesting replacing Bruce or Votto with a slaphitter. We'll still have Phillips, Frazier and Cozart to provide middling power from the right side. Hopefully Ludwick is back and Mesoraco emerges a bit. Throw in Heisey and the team has plenty of guys with 15 to 25 HR power from the rigt side who all are likely to have a mediocre at best OBP with BA's in the .270 or less range.

I'm generally more of a power fan than a a fan of judy hitters, its just this team needs some diviersity. I hope the guy also hits lefty and is stronger vs. RHP than he is LHP.