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Anyone know what happened to Chris Coughlan? At this point it looks like Miami would give him away for the proverbial bag of balls.

He's carrying a .350 lifetime OBP against RHP. A former ROY, he looks kinda like a WJ pickup. He's more of a corner but could be a good bench guy if nothing else.
Sent to the minors this year. He's in a Stubbs like decline. He's a suspect IMO.

Since we're throwing out names, I would like to see Wilson Betemit for the Cairo role. He could spell Frazier at 3B against RHP or free Frazier to play in the OF. Betemit is a Switch Hitter who is much better hitting Left Handed against RHP. In 2012 he hit .302/.357/.502/859 in 280 PAs against RHP. For his career .281/.349/.474/.824 in 1757 PAs. He's not much of a defender. Below average at 3B, pretty rough at SS, not much to go on in the OF. Manny Machado at 3B and Markakis and Reimold coming back in the OF to push Chris Davis to DH, probably makes Betemit a guy they'd move for little. His offensive profile is just what the Dr. ordered for the Red's offense and the ability to move Frazier to the OF mix may help if Ludwick can't be retained. He's signed for $1.75 Million in 2013 and has an option for $3.2 Million for 2014. The option vests with 324 PAs or more in 2013. That's probably a reason the O's would move him for spare parts, but the kind of cheap production the Reds need with core players' costs going up.