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I disagree. It's simply because Dusty is manager that will we not see Bruce in CF.

Bruce is more qualified to play CF than Valdez or even probably Heisey. Bruce played most of his minor league career in CF with rarely a defensive miscue.
I just don't understand how a conclusion can be arrived at where a manager who has played the game decided that a former CF is a worse option than a .400 OPS middle infielder to play CF unless the former CF can't play there any more. It's a conspiracy theory that I can't even begin to understand; even if Dusty was so set into Bruce being RF now, why would he deliberately hurt the team to keep him in RF instead of moving him to CF if Bruce is a better option than Valdez or even Heisey?

Bruce is older, bigger, and slower than he was when he was a teenager. It isn't a bad thing- Bruce is a great player. However, it means that he might not be in center because he can't play there, rather than that he isn't in center because Dusty has it out for him.