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I just disagree. It made sense to send the runners in that spot, Hanigan is a very good bet to walk or make contact. It's an aggressive play but it should keep you out of the DP.

Latos? I didn't see it, can't argue, but he's a pretty good pitcher and I wouldn't remove him on a whim.

Xavier Paul? Who should he have hit, Cairo? If so, the board would have gone nuts. Not Cairo!

Valdez in CF? Maybe he wants a guy who can play CF instead of someone who can't.

I read the scores and I see 16-7 at home against. In particular, I see 7 runs in three games. All too familiar for this team with it's inconsistent offense.
-It did not make sense. K there and Posey guns Bruce everytime. Line drive to the infield and its a triple play, line drive anywhere to a fielder and its still a double play. Its a play not to fail, not a play to win.

-Latos was not on a whim. He went prebuscent meltdown mode over a couple calls from the ump.

-XP was obvious what was going to happen. Even berman was saying that as soon as xp is announced that affeldt was in. Berman is a moron.

-Jay Bruce in CF plus Fraziers bat > than Valdez in CF and Bruce