1. Re-sign Ludwick. He played extremely well once his BABIP normalized. He has to love the idea of hitting in GABP between Votto and Bruce. Obviously, the OF market is thin and he will command a lot of cash. I'd be comfortable offering him $20m/3yr.

2. Re-sign Broxton. Though I still think the Reds overpaid in that deal, the Marshall-Broxton-Chapman combo worked extremely effectively down the stretch. If he can be had affordably, the Reds should do it. If not, talk to Ryan Madson about trying again at a discounted rate and slide him into the 8th inning role.

3. Leadoff hitter/CF. I think this is unlikely. Unless someone like Victorino or DeJesus can be had, I doubt the Reds make a move and just wait til Billy Hamilton is ready to assume these roles.

4. Bench. Cairo is gone and one would hope he would be replaced with Rodriguez.

5. Starting Rotation. If an offer presents itself, go for it. If not, don't worry about it.