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Baseball is wrapped in its history, the other leagues in the now, that has a lot to do with casual baseball conversation. Because of its connection to history every generation will have an attachment to items ( like the BRM) more than the now

No one ever wants to discuss Art Monk with you I bet, not Xavier McDaniel, but a baseball fan will always return to Johnny Bench or Willie Mays
Problem being WOY is that MLB is not progressing or building new fans... At least not at the rate of the other leagues. I'm a nostalgic guy, which is one reason I love baseball. I love the history and the nuance and the tension. And those names you mentioned are forever ingrained in our history.... And not just sporting history. But MLB also seems stuck in that history.

It's cool that people still want to chat about the BRM, but those same people have no idea who Joey Votto is... And that is a problem for the sport. The incredible decline in African American participation is also an issue.

There are two issues here.....

1. The game of baseball itself
2. The "product" of MLB

I think #1 is still beautiful. The game, the pace, the history, are all so unique and to me, eternally inviting. But #2 needs a lot of work. It has spent years and years banking soley on #1 while avoiding it's obvious weaknesses. As a society, we have a shorter attention span and no amount of marketing or PR will allow MLB to compete with the NFL or even the NBA when its at a high point in popularity like now. But things can be done that aren't being done.