Am well aware I will be banned for not bashing Dusty Baker so here goes.

It is absolutely ridiculous and idiotic that so many people want to get rid of a manager who has led this team to the playoffs twice in three years. The Reds were the absolute joke of baseball before Dusty arrived and are now a legit contender.

Be careful what all you haters wish for. A new manager may give you a better OBP guy leading off but doubtful he will be able to get guys to run through walls like Dusty did. Injury to Votto for almost 50 games, season ending injury to Madson before ever pitching and this team wins almost 100 games.

I remember back in 2005 when my beloved Kansas State Wildcats went away from the tried and true formula of Bill Snyder and a trainwreck occurred, chemistry sucked, players were miserable and the wheels came off in a hurry.

The same thing can (and I predict will) happen to this fragile group. The Reds are not nearly as talented as all the Baker haters claim. Dusty got great mileage out of this team and all he got was hatred and second guessing.