Dusty is GREAT at the it's a marathon not a sprint aspect of baseball, which is what the regular season is, keeping guys loose knowing that the good will soon come, and managing the long haul of the season.

The problem is, the playoff's are a sprint, there are gambles that need to be taken, and each game needs to be managed as if it's the last, and that's where he got outmanaged this series. I would have loved to have seen Latos in game 4, and if that didn't work, start Chapman, and ride his arm 2-3 innings, then Marshall, whoever, I just never got the feeling he was pulling all of the stops.

My thoughts are now, give Chris Speier the job, for a couple million less than Dusty would command, and put that into the player money pool. Just my thoughts as right now, I'm afraid of not extending, and aftraid of extending. I don't want to lose the quality regular season Dusty, but I could do without the playoff Dusty.