Im sure there's probably another thread of this but i didn't see anything..

I don't post too often but I've had a few hours to process and calm down from this loss. We should be getting ready for the NLCS, but that's baseball. Were we the better team? No doubt about it. It was a helluva ride from opening day down to today.

But anyways the best moment for me this season was Homer Bailey's no hitter, kind of obvious you may think but I am one of the "select few" who has been confident with Homer's ability since the day he was drafted. He might never be an ace but imo this year he has made great strides and it gets me even more excited about what our pitching staff is going to do next year. Homer's my boy was really the first reds prospect i watched and followed so his success means a little more i guess...out of any Reds pitchers, ive been to more games with him pitching than anyone.

Here's to next year , this team is only going to get better folks' I am one that thought this was the year but when you lose your ace in game 1, your MVP not 100%, when good ol' dusty refuses to sit Stubbs dissapointments like this happen and it just wasn't in the cards for us.

And how about the way BP stepped up in these 5 games?!! DATDUDE!!