The Reds are a young team. Like Votto said, this will only make them stronger for future games and post season apperances.

This is a YOUNG, TALENTED team. We have key guys like Bruce, Phillips, Votto, Cueto, Chapman signed for a quite a bit of time. We have the formula of a winning team, a championship team, and I think this ballclub will only ripen with age like wine.

These are my silver linings;

1. No more Rolen, Frazier gets to show off his talent. Frazier has nearly 20 HR, and near 70 RBI's in a platoon situation, and I feel that he can really burst on the scene next year. He's a Raw-Raw guy, he plays with a lot of energy and passion. He's versatile and plays good D all around. I loved Rolen, he was a leader, and has showed these guys how to "win" after so many losing scenes. But at the end of the day he was one of our offensive weakest links. His power was gone, his defense was just a tad step behind his normal gold glove rolen defense. He wasn't the same guy, and it showed during the post season.

2. Chapman as a starter. I know there's debate about him staying a closer because he has great closer stuff, which I agree with. But I also would like to see him try the starters role. If it doesn't work out, he can always go back to the closers role. But I just feel that he can be a potential 15-20 game winner, and be a pitcher that's very akin to Justin Verlander with some time. You might ask, who will close than? I personally vote for Hoover. He seems very poised, and when asked to close he rang the bell. Either him, or sign Madson again.

I mean the potential of having 4 aces in your rotation is nothing but insane. Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos, Homer Bailey (who really seems to be coming into his own), Aroldis Chapman. All YOUNG, TALENTED guys, who can really all win 15+ games in a season if things go their way. Plus you subtract Mike Leake, whose been nothing but mediocre and a major disappointment this season.

3. Stubbs will have a shorter leash. It was said by Jocketty that he was personally frusterated with Stubbs and his lack of development as a offensive hitter, but he said there weren't many other options elsewhere. I'm hoping this will be addressed during the offseason, and the Reds look for a leadoff guy in the Cubs DeJesus, or maybe even trying for Micheal Bourne. Because the success of this teams offense relys on people getting on, and brandon phillips hasn't been able to do that for the most part of his tenure there.

4. Dusty will be back. Yes, some might yell how is this a pro? Because, the more I think about it, the more I start to like him. Yes, he choked this post season. Yes, he's a manager that doesn't seem to be able to "fire up" his players. Yes, he's someone who seems to leave his pitchers way to long in the game. He has cons as a manager, but at the same time he wasn't the sole major reason why we lost this post season. All the players enjoy him, enjoy his company, enjoy him as a manager and as a person. He's gotten to know the core players since they were rookies, and have really seen there birth as core players. Bringing new blood can stir major problems and we could end up with a Bobby V on our hands. Let this post season be a lesson for dusty, and lets hope he can learn from it.

I was depressed. I cried. Yes, I cried. I didn't see this coming, I couldn't have seen this coming. It was awful, but today is a new day. Tomorrow is a new season. As a philosopher once said, "Your greatest failures, are your greatest victories" and hopefully the Reds players, the reds staff, dusty, and jocketty will learn from this awful day, will learn to never assume, and play each out like it was there last. I might be naive in that their thinking that, but still, it's a nice thought.

Lets put this behind us. And let this great failure be our great victory.