He is entering free agency and wants to cash in like most of today's players, so he will be leaving the Cards. They won't pay him what he wants. You know he will only go with a contender unless he is offered CRAZY money.

My thinking is that knowing the NL hitters he will prefer to stay in the NL. Now I don't know if Walt brought Kyle to St. Louis, but I think he did. We all know that Walt covets his old aquisitions....the list is too long to mention.

In my mind that makes the Reds the number 1 team in contention for his services. I don't know the payroll situation in Cincy, so I won't address that. What teams would he concider moving to? Philly? No. He can't be the MAN there. LA? No. They have spent too much already.....so that reasonably leaves the Giants, Nats, Braves and REDS.

I think the Reds will have the inside track. You think?