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I don't know, to me he just kind of reeks of Gookieness. Or Olmedoma. Or Pokey Fever.

Personally, I put Hamilton, Stephenson, and Cingrani far ahead of him in the interesting rankings. Corcino is also a better prospect (but maybe not as interesting).
What makes Gregorius interesting is he's gone from the fringe to possible major leaguer. You might be right that AAAA is his ceiling, but what if he's a modern Pokey? Pokey had a career. Still the best defensive 2B I've ever seen. A guy like that has his uses.

Interesting is inherently subjective. Hamilton setting the all-time single-season SB is pretty interesting. Stephenson's blue chip arm is pretty interesting. Cingrani's dominance is pretty interesting. Jesse Winker's pretty damn fascinating too.