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It's called, UC crime reports delivered to my email for roughly 5 years.

Believe what you want. Anyone else who gets these reports knows what I am talking about.

I'd say 9 out of every 10 perp was of a certain minority that no one is allowed to identify anymore. And that's being generous.

So again, I guess those crime reports must be racist.

There is a BIG problem in Cincinnati, always has been. And sweeping it under the rug with denial like yours does nothing to address it.
You are completely missing the point.

Of course the police reports need to identify the suspects of all crimes, and if the suspects are black, that needs to be reported. Nothing I said contradicts that.

However, when discussing crime in any area, there is no need to bring up race. None. Crimes mostly occur in poor areas, it's a class issue. If most the poor are black, then most of the crimes will be committed by blacks. Just as like in the past when most of the poor was Irish, or Italian, or Jewish, or whatever.

Making a race an issue insinuates that black people by nature are more likely to be criminals, which is blantantly false and racist, as well as ignorant.

The area around UC has been poor for quite some time, and that will always attract crime. That is a big problem and should be addressed. The race of the suspected criminals does not need to be addressed as it is irrelevant.