In football you can potentially get "lucky" because you play one game for each round of the playoffs. In Golf you can get "lucky" on a single hole and get a good bounce. However, in baseball, to attribute the continued success of a team to "luck" is poor use of the English language and sad bitterness.

To continue to call the Cardinals team "lucky" is absurd and makes no sense. How can luck compel the Cardinals to 4 straight playoff series victories (and counting)? Luck would be an opposing pitcher suddenly getting swine flu the morning of his start, or fluke plays like Hamilton's drop this year or a pivotal ball being stuck in the ivy at Wrigley.

You can call the Cardinals "timely" or "opportunists" but I fail to see how this team is "lucky" more than any other team. It sucks seeing a team you dislike advancing, but this whole "luck" thing has been overboard for a while now.