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I know we are all bitter about the playoffs. But without pointing a finger at someone explaining why we lost that series, let's hear opinions of Dusty Baker's extension...
I could take or leave the extension in a vacuum. I do like Dusty quite a bit. I do tend to forgive him for lineup or game-time decisions throughout the year more than some on here. But, while it might be sheer coincidence, his record in elimination games DOES scare me a bit.

I don't know if that's a KPI for being able to manage must-win games, but it's tough not to notice when it starts becoming a 10% winning percentage in those situations.

More than anything, I'm disappointed that this organizationally leads me to believe that Jacoby will also be back. And while it would be unfair of me to acknowledge some of the instances where Jacoby has seemingly been a big piece in a player turning it around or ending a slump, I don't really like how the team approaches offense as a whole.

Is part of that improving the parts and pieces (i.e. table setters, clean-up hitters cleaning up, etc.)? Probably. But I'd much rather have a team of guys trying to grind out at-bats and get on base rather than gunning for moonshots because we play in a bandbox.

Probably a hypocrite for being a little more forgiving to Dusty than I am for Jacoby. But since about mid-2011, we have been a pretty average if not poor offensive club. There's a whole lot of talent on the roster, so I don't know who you lay the blame to there.