1. Billy Hamilton, CF
Value takes a bit of a hit in the move to center, but his bat, speed, patience, and high baseball IQ make him the easy pick. Could be an elite talent with a bit of luck.

2. Robert Stephenson, SP
Great arm, great results, great stuff. Finished year at Dayton-- may go right on to Bakersfield next season. TOR arm who should soon be in discussions for top 10-25 prospects in the game.

3. Tony Cingrani, SP
Dominated again, this time in an impossible league to dominate and an upper level league. Then, to finish it off, pitched in the majors almost a year (total) after being drafted. Needs to find consistency with offspeed stuff and log innings. Great spot to do that, though Reds may decide to make him a major league bullpenner for now. (Or for good.)

4. Daniel Corcino, SP
Little Johnny Cueto didn't have quite as good a season as 2011, but acquitted himself well in AA. Young, but questions about max delivery worrisome. So are walks.

5. Jesse Winker, OF
Too young and too inexperienced to be here, but his season was so good. Late season power and early season BB rate presage great things, especially from a guy who was (very) young for the league. Dayton will ultimately tell the tale, but you have to like what you've seen so far.

6. DiDi Gregorius, SS
Looks to be good enough defensively; the question is his bat. He's a low 700 OPS bat in the minors which isn't usually enough, but he's young and doug insists he's got power we haven't seen. Because he's in AAA, I'll give him the nod over younger folks. If a lineup had plenty of other hitting, he'd be fine.

7. Henry Rodriguez, 3B/ 2B
Hit less than Gregorius and plays less defensive position less well. So what gives, you ask? He dealt with a broken hand throughout most of the season, so what power he had was completely negated. Fangraphs raves about his hit tool (and unnamed scout therein quoted). I like his youth and relative success. I also like his sure-handedness. Rodriguez could stand to put some time in the gym-- he's not quite Juan Francisco, but he's carrying an extra 10-25 lbs. of flab. Still, there's a lot to like. Especially at AAA.

8. Chad "Shark-Bite" Rogers, SP
He's been an under the radar guy for a couple minor league seasons now. Nice little fastball. Decent stuff. Might be a back-end starter, and, if all goes perfectly, a MOR guy. More IP than H-- good sign. Only 22.

9. Nick Travieso, SP
Number one draftee this season has a good fastball and mechanics. Like to see that. He's a long, long way away-- that's the reason he's so low.

10. Seth Mejias-Brean, 3B
Hit well in Billings, but he should have. Defense is where he looks like he'll excel as he moves forward. I'm in wait-and-see mode, as the league looks awfully offensive and he's old for it. Let's see what happens next year in Dayton.