Think about it for a second, Hanigan is what 32? He has 3-4 more good years ahead of him. He had the lowest catchers ERA in baseball, is great defensive catcher, all the pitchers love him, hits for a good average, gets on base and will be cheap. So why not go ahead and make him the starting catcher for the next few years. Obviously that means theres no place for Mesoraco to play so trade him. He is still one of the top catching prospects in all of baseball so he should have pretty high trade value, rather then letting him rot on the bench or in AAA trade him for a leadoff hitter or another SP. Maybe we could even put him in a package with Mike Leake and try to get Justin Upton. To me if we are going for the world series in 2013 then Hanigan needs to catch at least 120 games which means Mesoraco has more value as a trade chip then a backup catcher.