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I think some people forget Mes wasn't a 5 year veteran who actually had a history of stats to live up to instead of a rookie learning the toughest position on the field. It's a learning process and he's not going to be Johnny Bench right out of the gate. Sure he could have done better but how about cutting him some slack?
This is about where I'm at. I can see the view of those who want to trade him, but Mez hasn't ever shown that he takes quickly to the next level in his move through the minor leagues. He took a full season at Rookie, A and A+ to establish himself, then half a season at AA and AAA each to get his feet under him before he was finally productive. Expecting him to produce in the majors immediately is probably unrealistic given his natural learning curve. I'd expect him to probably take until the middle of next season before he starts showing some productivity. He seems like a competitor and a hard worker, so I have no doubt he'll be working like crazy to get there.