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They would need a replacement for Choo, for one. I think they are ok with Chisenhall at 3b, Cabrera at SS, Kipnis at 2b, Santana at C, and Brantley in CF. That leaves LF, 1b, and pitching, and RF. Personally, I'd like Brantley the most. A few years of team control, good OBP in CF...Bailey and Stubbs for Brantley would be my first guess.
Choo for Stubbs/Heisey, Arredondo & one of Corcino/Cingrani (and then extend Choo a couple of years). I'd hate to give up one of the young pitchers but I don't think both of them see the rotation in the next 3 years. And I'd hate to see them waste away in AAA or flipped to the pen. If the Reds are going to seriously consider moving Chapman to the rotation, then they're both available IMO.