To be honest, I really don't mind it if the Cards win the World Series again. It won't mean much, and I will know that the Reds were a better team this year and had a better season.

For quite awhile now, the World Series has been tarnished, diminished in importance. Much has to do with the wild card, and Interleague play, which has made it not that special. Steroids played a big part in the way I looked at champions in the late '90's.

Looking back, since 1995, there really hasn't been a World Series Champ that I felt was truely deserving. I always thought that whoever won might have had a nice story behind them, but I never thought that winning their way through the current playoff system meant they were the best team in Baseball. Some might have been the best team in baseball, but I never felt and never will feel like winning these 11 games proved it.

Previously, if an underdog team won the World Series, I felt they deserved it because they beat the other best teams in baseball, who got into the playoffs by winning their division. And because it was the only time there were any games between the two leagues, it felt very unique and special.

Now, it's mostly luck, good and bad that decides who wins, and with two wild cards, winning these games is even less meaningful. If they just did a series of coin flips to decide who wins it, it wouldn't be much different in my mind and in my heart.

If the Cardinals win the World Series again, I say good for them. But they'll be more like Beauty Pagent winners than Champions of a sport. I will think the same thing, every time the Reds win the World Series in the future., it will be nice, but nothing like 1990, 1976 and 1975, the only times in my lifetime that the Reds truely will ever be World Champions.