This morning I saw an online review of the new ipod nano and something in the review stuck out to me. The writer of the article is saying that anyone with a smart phone has no point owning a stand alone MP3 player anymore.

Immediately I had to disagree with the guy. My wife and I both have ipods and smart phones and we don't use our phones as music players. The main reason for me is that I often run my ipod through my home stereo and I use my phone quite a bit for its main a phone. Right now I have my ipod running through the stereo and I don't want to stop the music every time the phone rings. I guess I can see where if you're out walking and you might need to take a call where it could be handy to have it all on one device, but when I'm going to the gym I leave my phone in the locker and take the iPod so I can have an hour or two away from the phone.

Anyone think MP3 players are going the way of CD players or that there will always be a place for them because of people like me who don't want a phone call to interrupt the music? Just curious if I'm the odd man out here.