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Using Heisey with his .315 OBP as the starter in CF is a good way to avoid offensive improvement on the Reds.

The team finished 12th in NL OBP with .315. If you are replacing a starting player, you probably ought to look at someone who can boost the .315 OBP. Not Heisey.

My problem with Crisp as the full time CFer is that he provides only a small OBP boost. If used as a platoon guy against RHP, however, he adds more. His lifetime OBP v. RHP is .333, last year .337.

I doubt the Reds would acquire Crisp for $7 million to platoon. So he probably isn't the one for the team this off-season.
I'm not arguing to start Heisey. I'm saying Coco Crisp is not an upgrade over Heisey.

Crisp, based on 2012, would only have gotten on base six more times than Heisey over 600 plate appearances. That's not really an upgrade.

So I'm not advocating that the Reds start Heisey every day, I'm saying that Heisey might as well be thrown out there over the cost of obtaining (and paying) Crisp.