Great list Camisa. Sandanista's always been my favorite as well, even though it's not supposed to be. It's a wide array of genres and I suppose that lessens it for rock nerd types who need everything to be "authentic".

On that note, Beck's Midnight Vultures is awesome. It was dissed when it came out. It's cheesy and so groovy.

I've grown fonder of the Velvet's second album. I really can't listen to ...and Nico anymore, heard it way too much.

Will NEVER get tired of Pet Sounds. More remarkable every time I hear it, unlike anything else.

I've Jonathan Richman a few times and love the Modern Lovers first album, one of my favorites as well. Never could get into anything else.

I'll add a couple:

Galaxy 500 -- This is our Music. If you're looking for a soundtrak for you're next navel-gazing, this is it.

Isaac Hayes -- Hot Buttered Soul. Go to a crap bar in the daytime, order bourbon neat, play Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic on the juke and, for a few minutes, you'll be achingly cool.