Here are some other facts the team released:
The distance down the right-field line will remain the same at 322 feet.
From the right-field porch to the right-center field gap, the fence will be moved in 11 feet and lowered to match the sub-eight-foot height in left and center field.
The out-of-town scoreboard will be relocated.
At right-center field, the distance will decrease from 402 feet to 391 feet.
The distance at straightaway center field will remain the same at 396 feet.
The deepest portion of the left-center field gap will be decreased from 402 feet to 390 feet.
The home bullpen will be reconfigured to allow for the visitors' bullpen to be relocated from the field to the area behind the home bullpen.
The dimensions from left-center field to the left-field foul line will remain the same.
The distance at straightaway left field will remain the same at 357 feet.
The distance down the left-field line will remain the same at 336 feet.
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