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IMO, and mine is the perspective of someone who lives in a media market with no MLB team, MLB lets its media partners do most of the marketing of the game.

Here in San Antonio, I never see pitches by the Rangers or the Astros to drive a couple of hundred miles and see a game in person. I've never seen personal appearances promoted for players of either team. Nolan Ryan does a few statewide product endorsements, but he hasn't played the game in 20+ years.

The only marketing of the sport I see in my market is by Fox Sports Southwest, to entice me to watch their game telecasts. I don't believe MLB is lifting a finger to cultivate interest in the sport or the players outside of MLB markets.

Exactly....finally....MLB has not and doesn't look like they will ever lift a finger to promote the players of the game....Josh Hamilton got some headlines when he broke out and his story went wild but MLB did not capitalize in on his media attention.....I firmly believe if MLB would market their players then popularity from casual fans and women would go way up and once thst happens I think we start to see better ratings across the board. I seen Barry Bonds on the cover of a magazine once and as I was looking at it my wife asked who that was....I told her BB and she knew the name but didn't know the face......ask her who her favorite player is and she will tell you Derek Jeter, ask her why and she will tell you he has pretty eyes.....she has no idea he plays SS.....I say lets cash in on that stuff.......

MLB is missing the boat here IMO.....there are some great stories out there for MLB to promote right now but come next April we all will forget who the Athletics were and we will forget all about the season that Mike Trout and Miggy just put up....MLB should be blasting their face every chance they get to remind us of what great stories we have in this sport. Have we ever had a rookie like Trout? How long has it been since we seen a season like Miggy's? Yet we won't hear a thing about it once the MVP and ROY picks are over with......and that's a sad sad travesty....those stories should be ones thst we hear about all winter, not how Lance Armstrong went downhill or how the Super Bowl MVP will be in every commercial on tv or how the NFL will pimp their draft.....we should be hearing about the record breaking seasons of 2 superstars of our game...

I would venture to say that Trout and Miggy won't even make a commercial this offseason unless the tigers win the series and then we "might" see MC in something.