It's hard to really call him a "friend" by the true definition, since he was just somebody i spoke with on a forum. We never met face to face, but we spoke one on one with each other countless times. He announced that he had cancer a couple weeks back, and made few posts updating his condition (which was deteriorating by the hour). He finally passed away today, and I really felt hurt today.

He was young, married, was healthy as a bull. Never would I or anyone expected this to happen to him.

He was a friend, regardless though. I just wanted to make this post to tell you (those who are young or middle aged) to just live your life day by day. I know, it's extremely cliched, and you probably have heard this many times before, but I just feel that it really "clicks" with you when you have someone close that you were connected with pass away.

Never take a sunrise or sunset for granted, and just realize your problems are never really that significant in the big scheme of things. Just enjoy life, and pursue the things or the one's that give you joy.