I didn't see where this was posted anywhere on here yet, but IMO, and with out question, this has to be this FO's #1 priority in the off-season.

Regardless of the fact we won 97 games.....

This past season, the Reds had seven different players bat first -- Zack Cozart, Drew Stubbs, Brandon Phillips and Chris Heisey saw the most time there, with Willie Harris, Xavier Paul and Wilson Valdez also getting cameo appearances.

The result? Reds leadoff hitters combined to bat .208 with a .254 on-base percentage -- both ranked last in the Major Leagues. The No. 1 hitters scored 83 runs, tied for the second-worst among the 30 big league teams.
For the last few years we've basically been trying to fit a square peg in a round hole in this area.

We're all excited and dreaming of Billy Hamilton. But the earliest we'll see him is the 2014 season. He's not only learning a new position (CF), but he also has to be allowed to progress through the system and show he can hit, consistently get on base, at this level. So he's not going to be rushed.

So what does this FO do in the meantime?

Bourn would be nice. Two words though.... Scott Boras. He will be a coveted prize this off-season by a lot of teams. Boras is licking his chops, and IMO, no way you'll see him a Red.

The Giant's Pagan, who will be a FA after the WS, would be nice. My guess is he'll stay a Giant because they will throw the money at him.

So what's left? I realize that anything, when looking at who may be available in the market, is better then what we had. So do we settle for that, treat it as a stop-gap move, while keeping our fingers crossed on Hamilton?

I really want no part of Coco Crisp. Not at $7M/yr, and a career .329 OB%. I guess if I had to choose anyone from this article it would be Juan Pierre... he will rack up the singles and walks, batted .307 with a .351 OBP and 37 steals for the Phillies this past season, and earned $800,000 doing it. He's in our price range.

It's just sad what has happened to Grady Sizemore. Always liked him, but the guy has been wrecked with injuries (back, knees).