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The reason the Reds didn't trade for Span at the deadline was because the Twins were demanding Cingrani (per MLBTradeRumors, I believe). That's too high of a price. If the Twins' demands have come down, the Reds should jump all over the chance at getting him. If not, I don't expect a deal will get done. Cingrani's stock has only risen since then (and it was plenty high to begin with). No way the Reds trade Cingrani for Span, but hopefully they can find a way to put a package of lesser players together for Span. I agree Leake/Ondrusek wouldn't be enough. Maybe Gregorius & Lotzkar? I wouldn't like to deal Didi, but I think Cozart is the long-term answer at SS even though he struggled down the stretch and in the playoffs. Have to remember the kid was a rookie, despite his age. He'll get better for sure, and was very solid as a rookie.

Whatever happens, the Reds need to address the CF/leadoff hitter situation. I can't stomach any more of Drew Stubbs in the starting lineup, even batting 7th or 8th.
If it was just Cingrani for Span, I couldn't sign the paperwork fast enough. Heck, they could even have their choice of Heisey or Stubbs. Productive, affordable, contract isn't outrageous, under club control for I believe two more seasons. I'll take what Span is over what Cingrani could be any day.

Slot him in at leadoff or #2, find some cheap power in LF or 3B, let Frazier play the other spot and away we go.