I'm not advocating trading starting pitching simply to do it. I'm saying exploring the option based on other teams bringing proposals to us isn't a bad thing. What if a Herschel Walker type deal is put on the table? You never know.

Also, half the 25 man roster was produced through our drafting, international signing, and development. At what point do we start infiltrating the "next generation" of minor leaguers? Corcino? Cingrani? Chapman to the rotation? etc.........

Which brings up total payroll cost. This team isn't going to spend $100+ million. Decisions on who to pay long term are on the immediate horizon, and replacing some of these guys with equal pieces, but cheaper, are going to have to be made.

And the old saying is true.........you have to give up quality to get something quality in return. Some of the proposals of trading our junk for a quality need isn't going to happen.