Now that the World Series is over, MLB will be keeping the addicted fed with the MLB drug, using awards and the Hot Stove League. So, to dovetail from the Postseason scoreboard watching thread, how about an All Annoying Team by position, see if we can come up with a starting eight, DH, starting rotation, bullpen, and a few bench players:

c- Yadier Molina (no explanation needed
1b-Adam LaRoche (his exagerrated follow through on his swing has always annoyed me)
2b-Neil Walker (just always has a cocky little smirk on his face, what's that about? you're a Pirate!)
ss-Derek Jeter (just get sick of hearing of his greatness)
3b Alex Rodriguez (arrogant prima donna)
lf- Nyjer Morgan (just a punk)
cf-Bryce Harper (for the same reason other teams fans' always booed Pete Rose)
rf-Hunter Pence (he swings funny, runs funny, throws funny, looks funny, is taking credit for going all Knute Rockne when the Reds had them down 2-0,
dh-Nick Swisher (fakiest enthusiasm I've every seen)
sp-Cris Carpenter (no explanation needed)
sp-Wandy Rodriguez (soft tossing lefty who has just always bugged me for no rational reason)
sp-Tim Lincecum (stringy hair, yellow teeth, stupid windup, you know, good reasons )
sp-Edinson Volquez (the poster child for the type of pitcher I loathe, get ahead then nibble, nibble, nibble until full count. Also always looks dumbfounded when he doesn't succeed)
closer-Jose Valverde (just watch him pitch one time)
pinch hitter-Xavier Nady (like a bad penny, just keeps on showing up in key spots against the Reds, has always seemed to be a thorn in the Reds side)