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Hanigan should have been nominated but he was not the best in the NL by far. Molina caught 1161 innings compared to Hanigans 879 innings, which is a huge part of why A. Hanigan wasn't nominated and B. why it's hard to compare the two's stats. Molina led all of catchers in baseball in defensive runs saved as well. He won another Fielding Bible Award. I don't see how the two are even comparable on defense. Molina was by far the best defensive catcher in baseball this year, if you take the amount of innings he caught into the equation.

I do question though why Ruiz was nominated and not Hanigan. Hanigan caught more innings and had more defensive runs saved than Ruiz. That is where the snub is, in my opinion.
Agree to disagree. Mainly on the stat DRS. I have very little confidence in that stat (and many of the new fielding stats). Molina was by far the best catcher in all of MLB this year. No question. If you include the bat. But defensively & handling pitchers, sorry...not buying it.