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Sports is literally the only reason I have cable right now. Between Netflix, Hulu Plus, Computers that can be hooked up to an antenna and record local TV, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Vimeo and a few other places, I could easily get by Cable if I weren't locked into sports. If I didn't live in the Cincinnati area, I probably wouldn't have cable because I would just buy MLB.tv and package it with some of the above options for my programming needs. For the non-sports fan, they can truly get away from cable pretty easily and still get HD programming directly onto their TV.
Agree with doug here. In fact, I've streamlined my cable deals because I really don't watch anything else on TV besides sports and AMC (Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are a win). Since TLC no longer allows you to lean anything anymore and the History Channel is nothing more than Aliens and pawn stars, my TV habbits have changed drastically over the years.