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I think alot of people are clamoring for change, just for changes sake. The Reds were by far the best team in the division. No need for any significant changes.
2010: RS 790 RA 685
2011: RS 735 RA 720
2012: RS 669 RA 588

Here's the rib. The pitching in 2012 was PERFECT. It was so good, a team that scored 66 fewer runs, but allowed 132 less, won the division easily (albeit outplaying their pythag).

If you think they can repeat that pitching performance in 2013, then yes. You can afford to carry the Stubbs' Cairos, Valdezes, etc. (Or maybe not even, the offensive could easily be WORSE in 2013 with the current roster, we saw it in Sept).

Personally, I don't think the pitching lightning will strike twice. The team is almost certain to give up more runs in 2013, which even if its only 30-40 (which would still be very good), leaves you needing to score a lot more.
It would help if you made some changes conducive to scoring a bit more, say another 50 runs or so.

I think that's why a lot of people around here are wary of the status quo. I know I'm a worrying sort, but hey...some has to be, right?