I think RZ can support a heavy metal thread. This thread is to share heavy music. I invision this thread covering classic metal, thrash, nu-metal, black metal and any other heavy music there is. I kind of stole this idea from the AOR thread I like so much. The point is not to tell someone what sucks, but to share what you like. Although you do not have to post links, they are appreciated (I will listen to every one that is posted). Also, anyone wanting to share news (new releases, live performances, deaths) this would be a perfect place to do so.

I hope everyone enjoys the first post. They are some of my favorites, from bands spanning from 1970-current.

Black Sabbath-N.I.B.

Simply put, my favorite riff of all time.


Metallica-For Whom The Bell Tolls

My favorite song on my favorite Metallica record


Danzig-Dirty Black Summer

Love the guitar, love Danzig


Pantera-Drag The Waters

Huge, heavy riff.


Epica-Cry For The Moon

Something completely different. I dig this European symphonic metal. I saw Epica last year, and she (Simone Simons) sounds just as good live as on the CD.)


The above are not necessarily the best artists (or the best by these artists), but a great place to start a thread about heavy metal.