It is of my personal opinion that chapman should stay in the pen where he is a proven asset. With that being said, I want a new pitcher to add to our rotation because I would prefer to never see mike leake start another game for us. Our rotation for next year currently projects to look something like this:

That is very righty heavy so I think it would be in our best interests to pursue a lefty. I live in the DC area and went to a nats game this year where Ross Detwiler pitched. I have to say, he looked great. He pounded the hitters with a fastball that reached 96-97 and sat 92-94. He also had a good slider. Upon looking at his stats this year, I see that he had a 3.40 era.

Would the Nationals be willing to trade him? I would think that it could be possible for the right package due to their pitching depth. The big question I have is what would we have to give up?