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Okay. What would it take then to get Fowler and CarGo?

I view a leadoff hitter/CFer and power hitting cleanup hitter/LFer as the last 2 pieces of the offensive puzzle. I'm just trying to come up with ideas to solve the problem.

I'm tired of older retreads in LF and Stubbs in CF. Ludwick had a killer season. I don't think he can duplicate it. Fowler and CarGo are both only 26 with probably their best years ahead of them. The Reds have nearly every key position locked up long term or filled by players under control for awhile. Other than Billy Hamilton, and probably Corcino/Cingrani.......there is little to no room for anyone currently in the farm system to even reach the majors, as they would be blocked. Time to make some deals for the last pieces of the puzzle and win this thing.
I don't really know what needs the Rockies have to make guesses here. Cargo is an untouchable. He's unquestionably their best player and a league mvp level player who's only 27. Also if he begins any kind of decline his contract is going to becom an albatross around his team's neck. Here's his remaining figures and it's a backloaded contract
YR Age Salary
2013 (27) $7,500,000
2014 (28) $10,500,000
2015 (29) $16,000,000
2016 (30) $17,000,000
2017 (31) $20,000,000