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I'm not a big fan of Upton's, but I think he's a pretty good target. Especially when you consider he's not a one year rental like some (signed through 2015 IIRC).

But, and this is a big "but", I do NOT deal one of the starting pitchers. Period. Whether you move Aroldis to the rotation or not, I keep all 5 of the starters from last year without a doubt. If the D-Backs are wanting a starting pitcher in the deal, then deal one of the highly touted kids (Corcino/Cingrani).

If Chapman makes the transition smoothly, simply move Leake to Louisville as insurance and further seasoning for a highly touted kid in his own right.

It just seems to me that people are awfully fast to want to trade away starting pitching here to add a big bopper. It's like we've forgotten what it was like to have hitting and no pitching. The strength of this team is pitching and defense. Don't give away that advantage so easily. Not when you've got kids in the minors who are blocked by starters who are viewed as very valuable by other teams. Follow the mold of the Latos trade. Deal excellent prospects who are blocked on the parent club.
Except for Leake, trade Leake ASAP. Aside from that, yeah.