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First, the article said a TOR pitcher or an everyday position player, not both.

Second, Reds aren't unhappy with Bruce, and haven't been trying to trade him for the last few years. There have been a lot of stories about Upton not being dedicated to the game. True or not, it seems like the D-Baxks believe them. That significantly lowers his value.

The fact that the Rangers won't give up one of their two SS for him says it all. His value has dropped.
I stand corrected on the story. I still don't see then dealing Upton in any deal that the Reds wouldn't also consider for Bruce. We have heard these stories before, but nobody has dealt him. If they stories were true and they really were sour on him why wouldn't they have dealt him before? Maybe the stories of his availability are hogwash. Maybe he is available, but I don't think a team is going to be able to steal him. That's what these proposals are IMO.

Actually, if I was the Rangers, I'd move Profar to CF and keep my studs up the middle intact. I coud see them dealing Olt, but they really need a starter. Dempster is gone. So is Feldman. Feliz had TJ and Colby Lewis had surgery on his flexor tendon. They are probably fine with Murphy and Cruz on the OF corners and Leonys Martin coming. It would be pretty easy to find a platoon partner for Murphy (Jonny Gomes anyone). They should be looking for an arm in any deal, not Upton. If they can't get a good free agent, the should package Olt, with OF guys like Engel Beltre and maybe a Cody Buckel and go after some one like Garza.