And it's starting to look like they'll finally pull the trigger for good, how do you suppose they handle the rest of the staff?

Will they trade Bailey? Trade Leake? Option Leake? Put Leake or Bailey in the pen until Chapman reaches an innings limit? Start Leake or Bailey early in the year until they can stretch Chapman's innings to the end of the year?

Personally, I'd be willing to trade Bailey only if it net them a quality starting LF or CF (that could be converted to LF next year). I think Leake's value is unappreciated here, though I'd trade him under the same circumstances (while noting he doesn't have as much trade value as Bailey). But it would be nice to have both since they could have the other replace Arroyo when his contract comes off the books.

I tend to think the Reds will not trade either, but I wonder how they approach Chapman's innings for this year and what they do with the other pitcher in the meantime. Leake, because he has an option they could use if done at the beginning of the year, has more flexibility.