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I wouldnt trade anyone from the rotation. its highly unlikely that even all 6 of these guys stays healthy like in 2012. Leake will prove to be valuable in some capacity. I would almost consider betting my life that someone will have to fight the injury bug and Im not trying to be a negative nancy but im just being realistic.
I vehemently agree with you! The Reds were one in the few teams to get through a season with a 5 man rotation without having to rely on a 6th starter (That 1 game was not due to injury) and to expect that to repeat is not realistic. I don't think they should rely on having Corcino or Villareal to fill in for the long term. I think stashing Leake or Cingrani as a 5th man has merit. Unless the Reds fell that Cingrani is ready or an emergency starter is signed and in Louisville, they should not move Leake.