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Rasmus had a .259 BABIP this year and hit 23 HR and drove in 75 and the year before it was .267, we are talking about one of the more unlucky players in MLB. Stubbs in his down years the last 2 has a .290 and .343 BABIP.

Drew is a .241 hitter with a .323 career BABIP to put it into perceptive Pujols has a .309 BABIP as a .325 hitter. We are talking about a player 2 years younger with more upside and still better than Drew with him having poor luck vs Drew having good luck.

Escobar just turned 30 and he made a mistake, people do dumb things all the time but before he played in the difficult AL East he was a stud with high OBP something we need bad. And much like Rasmus he didn't have much luck with a .273 BABIP after posting .290/.369/.413/.782 in 2011 when the balls fell in. Cozart had a BABIP of .282 or 9 points higher and and still ended up hitting 7 points worse.

Both these guys also didn't play in the Al East with 3 of the AL's top 6 ERA in his division rather than just the Cards in top 6 here in at 6th and we only played them 15 times vs 18 games each with the teams in the AL East. Our Division also featured 3 or the 4 worst NL team ERA while the worst AL East pitching staff was just Boston.
You are using the BABIP stat incorrectly. It is not a "one size fits all" statistic. I'm not going to go into it here for the sake of staying on topic. If you PM me, I'd be glad to give a full explanation.

These guys were acquired by a team that took Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion from the MLB scrap heap and all of a sudden were 2 of the most fear hitters in the league. Same team, same AL East. Also, Rasmus is a huge downgrade from Stubbs defensively and on the basepaths.

But again, these guys have been headaches everywhere they've been. Escobar did not make one bad decision. He has made a career out of making bad decisions. Right now, this Reds team is about as drama-free as it gets. Why add bad apples to this team? Let's throw all the stats out of the window. These guys are trouble. Always have been. This Reds team has a good thing going from a chemistry standpoint, I don't see messing that up for a couple of malcontents