I figure it's about time to start a thread about this fella since multiple outlets have said Walt has interest and will keep in touch with Boras. I highly doubt it'll come to fruition, but I wouldnt mind if it did.

Im really beginning to wonder how much money the Reds truly have available. Last year we went from:

- Not having enough to keep Votto
------ to resigning Votto to a 1/4 billion dollars
- Since we signed Votto, Phillips is gone
------ Signed DatDude to 6yr/$72MM

I think Bob is playing the markets nearly perfectly thus far and he knows he's likely to cash in when the Reds can negotiate a new deal with FSN. Anyways, on to the topic at hand, I dont know if Bourn is a great long-term fit, but Id love to see him over the next few years.