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You wouldn't keep Stubbs around to hit lefty pitching, because that's what Victorino does.

Victorino does not hit righty pitching particularly well, did poorly against them in 2012. He does most of his damage against lefties.

Lifetime Victorino has a .330 OBP and a .732 OPS against righties.
Lifetime Victorino has a .373 OBP and a .881 OPS against lefties.

In 2012, Victorino had a .296 OPS and a .629 OPS against righty pitching (472 PAs).
In 2012, Victorino had a .388 OBP and a .906 OPS against lefty pitching.

I think Victorino has a good chance to join the Reds. He would be viewed as the stopgap to Hamilton. But he's a high risk signing because if he OPSs .629 against righty pitching again, he won't help the offense much at all.

Personally, he would not be my choice.
Good points. I didn't bother to look at the splits. The only rebuttal would be that his BABIP vs RHP in 2010 and 2012 was in the mid-200's, like .250. So, you might expect something closer to the career norms of .730 OPS vs RHP.

The other factor I propose is the accumulation of talent instead of the shuffling of talent going on with the Upton trade proposals, Span, Choo, etc. A short term FA like Victorino adds talent without losing prospects. Not knowing what a Fowler or Span would cost, and knowing their question marks, makes a FA CF more attractive than spending a lot in player resources this year. Upton is a guy I can't figure out. I'm gun shy after I spent Summer of 2011 begging for Jiminez. A true buy low (like Jim Edmonds was to Walt 10 years ago) would be great, but nothing like the Latos give would be worry free.

I really think CF is a desperate area, as others have said recently on here. So, I've chosen to address it before LF, where my choice would also lean FA, Ludwick. Signing a FA to fix CF adds talent and upgrades the roster without thinning out the system again. Letting Hamilton, Cingrani, Corcino and some others develop one more year is probably a good thing.