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I guess as an outsider everything that Crean has done off the court seems odd to me. To compound on what you have said, there have been many big time programs who have gone through what Indiana has and haven't reacted the same way. Don't get me wrong, I get the accomplishment especially when you take into consideration the path Crean has taken. I think its somewhat similar to what Cronin did at UC, albeit on a different level. IU basketball has a much bigger profile than UC does.

After hearing about the events of last night I am kinda hoping this happens. It was documented during the telecast that IU is going to hang a special B1G Championship banner for this season. From my perspective I think "Your IU basketball, your supposed to win B1G titles." But I am hoping they do lose to UM and there is a 4 way tie and they hang that special banner. Outright titles are something to be celebrated, co-titles are like kissing your sister, hanging a banner for a 4-way tie is kinda stupid.
Great points. It kinda makes it even sweeter that the Bucks crashed the Hoosiers sweet 16 party by beating up the guests of honor in the ballroom while Sugar Daddy could only sit by and watch.